Tips to Make an Art Museum Visit Fun for Kids

Museums are undoubtedly excellent places to learn about art, culture, and history. However, most of them are not particularly friendly to children. Because of this, most people do not really think about taking their kids to museums. However, with the right attitude and preparation, a visit with your kids could be fun.

Kids genuinely like visual arts such as paintings and drawings and visiting museums makes them eager to see great art. With few kids’ museums available, people take their children to ones that are not designed for them. They find themselves dealing with children who want to experience the whole thing in an environment that doesn’t suit them well.

In this article, we give you tips on how you can help kids make the most of their trips to an art museum.

Prepare for the Visit

The preparation for your art museum trip with your child should start at home. To get your kids excited about the visit, introduce them to resources such as art books. They will be eager because they will have an idea of what they are going to see. Also, talk to your children to find out what they are excited about and interested in. This will give an idea of what you want to see most at the art museum and will help you in deciding which one to visit. With such preparations, your visit to the art museum is likely to be successful.

Consider a Tour Guide

In many museums, some guides can help you around either for a fee or for free. Also, you can hire your private guide. Before you consider this, it is important to determine whether your child will benefit from their services. However, if you take your child to an art museum you have limited knowledge about, it is essential to get a guide who will convey all relevant information about the exhibits. A good museum guide should engage with the children, as well as the adults so that everyone has a good experience.

Set the Ground Rules

Make sure your children know the ground rules of the museum beforehand. As a basic, children should not run, shout, or touch the artworks. Do not assume kids know these obvious rules. Make sure you remind and emphasize them before getting inside the museum.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

In large museums, people walk for long distances for hours. Make sure your kids wear comfortable shoes, which will enable them to walk for a long time around the museum. This will avoid disruptions in case their feet start to hurt or develop blisters.

Narrow Your Focus

In large museums with many exhibits, children are likely to lose interest as they become overwhelmed. Therefore, it is essential to focus on a few topics. Go for exhibits that they are most interested in and concentrate on those. This will make the visit more fun, which will make the kids want to come back.

Be Flexible

Sometimes things don’t go as expected, and you should have plan B in case things change. For instance, there could be an overwhelming crowd in the museum, or even an incident might occur. Therefore, you should be prepared for everything and manage your expectations.

Limit Time

To avoid exhaustion and loss of interest, do not spend the whole day in the museum. Make sure you stay only one or two hours. Research on the opening hours of the museum and plan accordingly. Choose the time appropriate for your kids.

Plan Fun Activities

To have more fun during your museum visit, plan for some exciting, fun activities. Some great ideas include getting postcards and asking kids to find the subjects in the museum. You can also pick a common object and ask them to count the number of times it appears in the paintings.


Introducing your kids to visual arts is important for your children’s development. Therefore, next time you plan to visit an art museum with your kids, make sure you consider the above tips. They will make your trip fun and successful.